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I- Read the following text and then do the tasks below:

About three years ago, something terrible happened to me. Those six hours of terror have broken my body

and soul. You think I am a very old man-but I am not. It took less than a single day to change my hair from

black to white. One day, my two brothers and I were coming back from the islands, our boat full of fish. All at

once, the horizon was covered with a cloud and in less than a minute we were in a terrible storm. An enormous

wave covered our boat and my younger brother fell overboard. Our boat survived, and I was trying to recover

when my elder brother put his mouth close to my ear, and screamed out the horrifying word "Whirlpool!" With

the wind and waves we were going in the direction of the whirlpool, and nothing could save us!

Answer the following questions: (4 marks)

1. Why did the writer's younger brother fall overboard?

2. When did this terrible thing happen to them?

Find words in the text which mean: (2 marks)

3. cried out loudly

4. towards

Rewrite this sentence about the text to correct the information: (2 marks)

5. This good thing took sixteen hours.

II- Read the following text and then do the tasks below:

Today, designers and inventors are using the Internet in increasingly innovative ways. Two students at Keio

University in Japan have recently produced the Internet Umbrella. The umbrella's handle contains a

projector that displays images from the Internet onto the underside of the umbrella's canopy. The umbrella is

also fitted with a Global Positioning System that allows carriers to find their way, wherever they are, while

looking at a three-dimensional map projected into the umbrella above them. Even large companies, while

developing their products, are using the Internet to interact with their customers. A prominent sports-shoe

manufacturer is inviting the public to design trainers online. The design is then sent electronically to a factory,

where it is made to the customer's specifications. It is certain that the Internet, and Information Technology in

general, will continue to transform the world we live in, in ways we have yet to imagine.

Choose the correct answer a, b, or c: (2 marks)

6. The Umbrella's carrier can find his way ………… .

a. nowhere b. in any place c. with difficulties

Match three of the underlined words from the text to the definitions below: (3 marks)

7. shows

8. important or famous

9. a drawing that shows how something should be made

Complete the following sentence with information from the text: (1 marks)

10. Large companies use the Internet to …………. .

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III- Complete the following sentences by filling in the gaps: (4 marks)

11. ………… is the steering of ships.

12. Have you ever ………… to Canada?

13. An ………… is an area of water greater than a sea.

14. He is taller ………… his brother.

IV- Fill in the spaces with words from the list. Use each word once only. (5 marks)

attacked, find, dying, trouble, people, turned, keep

Louis Pasteur worked very hard to keep life going on, both in animals and …15… When the silkworms

began …16… and France's silk-makers were losing money, they …17… to Pasteur for help. He found the

18. Certain living germs, called bacteria, …19… the silkworm eggs.

V- Complete the following dialogue by writing suitable questions: (4marks)

Write at least four words for each question:

Maher has just returned from Auckland.

He meets his friend Salem by chance at the airport.

Salem: Hello. Welcome to Damascus. How are you?

Maher: Fine. Thanks.

20. Salem: ……………………………… ?

Maher: I have been in Auckland.

Salem: That's fine. How long have you been there?

Maher: For two weeks.

21. Salem: ……………………………… ?

Maher: At my uncle's house.

Salem: Well, good luck. I have to go now. See you.

Maher: See you.

VI- Write the missing parts of the following exchanges using the function in brackets. (4 marks)

A: Hello, Nada!

22. B: Hello, Salwa. ……………………………… today? (ask about plans)

A: Nothing much. I have no plans.

23. B: Do ……………………………… ? (make a suggestion)

A: Great. I'd love to.

VII- Complete the following sentences using clauses. (4 marks)

24. If I found a purse in the street, ……………… .

25. Since the teacher began the lesson, …………… .

VIII- Choose the correct words in brackets: (2 marks)

26. Would you like me to (do, work, make) a cup of tea for you?

27. The teacher says Mazen is the (lazy, lazier, laziest) student she has ever had.

IX- Correct the verbs in brackets. (4 marks)

28. I'm very hungry. I (not eat) anything yet.

29. I won't go out if it (not stop) raining.

X- Translate the following sentence into Arabic: (2 marks)

30. Information Technology is the foundation of much of the progress we have today.

Translate the following sentence into English: (2 marks)

٣١ . لو كنت طبيبًا لقدمت معالجة مجانية للمرضى الفقراء .

XI- Write a composition of no more than 80 words on the following topic: (15 marks)

Astronauts face many problems on the space station.

Write about three of these problems:

- sleep - oxygen and carbon dioxide - microgravity

- food - weightlessness - water

The End
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